What to give as a Christmas present?

It has probably happened to you that Christmas comes and you wonder what can I give to my mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, etc. in these holidays, the funny thing is that, although you know them well and you know what they like, you are always looking for a way to surprise them.

Before recommending a special gift, let's take a look at the top 3 gifts that are best avoided:

  1. A home appliance, even if your intentions are good and seek to make the other person's life easier, they fall into the " seriously" category.

2. A gift voucher, nothing shows more disinterest in the other person than a voucher, we know that your intentions are good because you want them to choose something they like, but gosh it's someone important to you, take a smile out of their heart.

3. Anything that looks nice to you regardless of the other person's lifestyle, come on you know them, give them something that shows you really care.

Let's be clear so you don't worry, a gift don't have to be the fanciest or most expensive for it to have value, but it must meet at least 3 points:

  1. Be functional (wearable, drinkable or edible).

      2.To the person (that goes with their style or way of life).

      3.Emotional (that awakens joy in the person who receives it).

You may be thinking, Oh my god and then what am I going to give, although the list of what not to give is short, the list of options to surprise your loved ones is quite long, today we want to help you by giving you a gift option that meets the 3 points and that will make the person happy.

How many women do you know who care little or nothing about their hair? If you know them, I assure you that they are few, regardless of age, hair is an essential part of the personality, no matter what stage of life they are going through.

For sure, any of the women in your life, even the one you see in the mirror, likes to have hair with movement, health and shine, so giving a Rejuvenol product as a gift this Christmas becomes an excellent option to surprise the people you appreciate so much.

Surely you had not thought! but now that you know, keep in mind the fact that each person's hair has different needs, so to make the gift special, we have opened a space to help you identify the ideal product, so every time that person uses it, they will let out a smile thinking of you while their hair looks radiant. 

We wish a great Christmas for you and your hair, look beautiful, cheerful, with movement and full of life.

Anahí L.M.


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