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The best time of the year has arrived

We know you love to pamper your hair and that's why this Christmas we have the perfect gift for you.

Argania Serum

If you've heard that a product is easy to use, quick to apply and makes your hair beautiful, they were probably talking about Argania Serum.


A collection that replenishes your hair's moisture to make it softer, more flexible and shiny, specially designed for dry and dull hair.


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After Keratin Treatment Shampoo
from $18.00
After Keratin Treatment Conditioner
from $18.00
Argania™ Curling Balm
Argania™ Hair Mask
Glycóliss™ Xtending Spray


If you have blond hair or natural gray hair, make them soft, shiny and resistant, while toning down the yellow/orange reflection you hate so much.
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