No More Bedhead!

Waking up in the morning, you may be scared to look in the mirror after a good nights sleep to see what your hair looks like. Morning hair can be so unpredictable it makes it seem like sheer magic when someone wakes up with their hair looking perfect. I can assure you, though, that this is no sorcery and that they are either very lucky or they took the right steps for better morning hair. If it is the latter, this person is prepared for any hectic morning where they don't have the time to even think about worrying about their hair. With just a few simple tips, you too can wake up with beautiful hair to take one thing off of your daily morning to-do list.

Although night time is a time for you to relax, night time should actually be the time that you prepare your hair for the following day, who would've thought! There are many different steps that you can take to protect your hair from nightly damage as well as make it easier for you to style in the morning. Who wouldn't want a shorter morning routine? Especially if you're someone who usually runs pretty late. Here are some tips to take loads of time off of your morning routine.

1. No Wet Hair

This is the biggest no-no of them all, you should never even THINK of sleeping on completely wet or damp hair. Although for some people, sleeping on wet hair put in a bun can give nice beachy waves, for most people this is not the case. Not only is there a high chance that it won't work, sleeping on wet hair can actually damage your hair and lead to more breakage. The reason is, your hair is saturated with water so that leaves the cuticle layer of your hair open. With the cuticle layer open it allows your hair to dry out internally which, in turn, makes your hair weaker. The more you move around in your sleep with wet hair the more damage it will cause. If you choose to do this, you might as well prepare for some serious split ends.

2. Detangle Before Snoozing

It's very important to make sure that you detangle before you go to bed. It is inevitable that you are going to get some tangles in your hair while you sleep, especially if your hair is on the longer end. So, why would you not detangle it before bed, because this will just cause bigger knots in your hair and give you a much larger problem in the morning. We recommend using some of our Argania Serum Lite and gently detangling with your fingers as you apply. Not only will this serum help to detangle your hair before you go to bed, but it will also make your hair much softer and more flexible and overall more healthy.

3. Brush Is Everything

The brush that you use is very important when it comes to getting ready in the morning and preparing at night. You should always opt for a mixed bristle brush to help tame frizz and flyaways. Usually, by using a natural bristle brush, this helps evenly distribute the natural oils of your hair to keep it healthy. While detangling, start from the bottom of your hair going upwards. It is never a good idea to start from the top of your hair because if there are any knots it will just make them tighter and push them down to the bottom of your hair. There is nothing worse than a knot in your hair that needs to be cut.

4. Scrunch

If your hair has a natural curl and you would like to wear it curly the following day, allow your hair to dry naturally or style them with curls if you don't have curly hair. When you wake up, use a spritz of our Hair Therapy and scrunch your curls to ensure that they stay in place all day and keep their shape. After applying the Hair Therapy don't touch your hair until its dry as this will just make your hair more frizzy.

5. Hair Accessories

If your hair is STILL not cooperating, you may want to opt to use a hair accessory. To do this, add the accessory to your hair on one side and leave the rest down. Using a barrette or a similar hair accessory can help add some more control to your hair.

6. Added Volume

If you are someone who suffers from flat hair you may benefit from adding some volume to your hair while you sleep. The way that you can add some volume is to section off the hair on your crown and flip your head upside down. Braid just the section from your crown and flip it back. Make a second braid with the remainder of your hair. By flipping your hair upside down you're adding volume and lifting the roots. This helps to add body while you sleep.

7. No More Creases

It's usually never a good idea to sleep with your hair in a ponytail. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it will leave dents in your hair. So unless you plan on wearing a ponytail in the following day, it is probably best to steer clear from using a ponytail. Instead, braid your hair in a loose braid tying it off with a scrunchie.

8. Avoiding Damage

While you sleep, there are a ton of factors which can cause some serious damage to your hair. Two of the largest contributors to hair damage are your pillowcases and hair ties. Make sure that you opt for a silk pillowcase, as this slippery fabric not only helps keep your cool, but it will not absorb the moisture from your hair and cause friction. With cotton pillowcases, the friction between the fabric and your hair can cause breakage and flyaways while also simultaneously drying out your hair. While looking for the best hair tie to use, try to steer clear of tight hair ties and ones that have metal clasps. Opt for a hair tie that is made of telephone wire or just use a scrunchie.

9. Night Time Repair

Night time is the best time to apply a leave-in mask or treatment. If you are someone who has damaged or dried out hair this can work wonders for you. There are different types of hair masks though, so make sure you get one that fills your needs. If you are someone with dry hair that just needs some moisture choose a mask like our Moisture Recovery Mask. If you are someone who has had lots of coloring and treatments causing your hair to be damaged and in need of some protein, opt for our Color Care Mask as it is infused with protein and other ingredients to help repair your hair. After applying the mask to your hair you can either wrap your hair in a silk bonnet or with a plastic shower cap. When you wake up in the morning make sure to rinse out your hair.

10. Using a Leave-In

Although very similar to a hair mask, leave-ins are just as important. The reason they are different is that you do not wash them out and you just leave them in your hair to fulfill their magic. Applying a leave in at night helps you to wake up with softer and healthier hair. We recommend a cocktail of our Argania Serum and our Argania Styling cream.

11. Night Time Protection

Like I said earlier, night time is one of the most vulnerable times for your hair that can cause some serious breakage and split ends. It is important to take proper care of your hair when protecting it before bed. We recommend either leaving your hair loose or in a loose braid and wrapped up in a silk bonnet. By leaving this bonnet on, you are keeping your hair against a smooth surface. Since it is against a smooth service it will not cause friction and in turn no breakage


12. Worst Case Scenario- Ponytail

We hate to say it, but if you're really in a pinch for time and you didn't follow any of the other steps, we, unfortunately, must tell you that you have one of two options, either throw your hair up in a ponytail or take the extra time to do it. Make sure not to use a tight hair tie though, as once again this can cause some serious hair breakage.

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