7 Tips To Tame Thick Hair

Most people wish that they could have thick hair, but those of us who do have thick hair don't understand why someone would want to have our huge voluminous locks. If you have thick hair, you definitely can understand the daily struggle of trying to tame the beast that is your morning hair. Although it is great to have thick hair, people with thick hair understand how much frizz comes with any hairstyle. Some benefits of having thick hair include:

-Fuller looking hair
-More versatile hairstyles
-Braids look amazing
-It's basically a giant pillow and scarf all in one

If you're someone who is struggling to tame your thick hair then do not worry, we're here today with some tips to help you out!

First, let's take a look at some reasons that your hair may be thin (for those of us who don't have thick hair).

STRESS: Stress doesn't only take a toll on your mind and emotional health, but it takes a huge toll on your hair. You'll often find that in times when you're most stressed your hair will be thinner.

NUTRITION: If you aren't eating the right things and your body is deficient in certain vitamins, this is going to weaken your hair and make it more prone to breakage and damage.

POLLUTION: The good ol' environment can be doing damage to your hair. Dirt and dust from your environment can stick to your hair, dehydrating and weakening them causing them to fall out.

Now, those of us with thin hair, how do we make it thicker you ask? Here are a few tips:

1. Don't wash your hair every day, your hair should have some natural oils.

2. Tap your hair dry with a microfiber cloth without rubbing, then leave the rest to air dry.

3. Make sure to do a hair mask twice weekly to make sure your hair is moisturized and nourished. Try out our Argania Hair Mask.

4. Don't over comb your hair, once in the morning and once at night is more than enough.

5. Trim your hair every three months, it rids your hair of split ends and certain layered haircuts can actually make your hair appear thicker.

6. Make sure you're nourishing your body from the inside. Make sure you're eating a diet high in protein, vitamins A, E and C, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and biotin.

7. Stop flat ironing your hair.

8. Dye your hair the right color. People who dye their hair a darker color with semi-permanent dye can actually make their hair appear much thicker. The hair follicle absorbs the color and will actually slightly expand the size of your strands.

9. Fake it till you make it. Using a hair thickening product, like our Future Hair Care Hair Thickener can make your hair appear thicker and full of body. Rejuvenol's heat activation complex penetrates, expanding each individual hair shaft from within as it adds body, shine and thickness to the hair. Get it for only $12 here.

Now that your hair is thick, let's learn about some things that we can do to prevent frizz and damage and to make sure that your hair is the best it can be.

Hydration: Thick hair is usually on the dry side, so in order to keep your frizz at bay you need to make sure that it is hydrated and full of moisture. Try our Moisture Recovery Masque to nourish your hair. Frizz is caused by the outer layer of your hair follicles being lifted, so make sure to use a product like our Argania Serum Lite to smooth down the cuticle and seal it without making it too oily.

Hair Oils: Like we just said, you need to make sure that you're smoothing down the lifted layer of your hair follicle, so using a product containing Argan Oil or another oil that can easily penetrate into the hair shaft is best.

Use an Ionic Hairdryer: This type of hairdryer cuts drying tile for thick hair. It uses negative ions to break down water droplets in the hair leading to dry hair quickly and controlling frizz and boosting the shine in your hair.

Hair Masks: Like we said earlier, thick hair is more prone to drying out. Combat this by using a moisturizing hair mask at least twice weekly. Hair masks are very important for all hair types, especially those with thick hair.

Use The Right Hair Tie: If you have thick hair you know the struggle of finding a hair tie that holds up to you thick tresses, look into using telephone cord hair ties. They are spiraled like a telephone cord which gives them extreme hold and maximum comfort. These hair ties are also notorious for not leaving any dents in your hair.

Skip the Wash: You've probably seen this everywhere, but if your hair isn't super greasy and oily, don't wash it! People who are more prone to dryer hair should definitely always wash their hair less often than someone with thin hair.

Detangle With Care: If you have thick hair, you know just how hard it is to get that comb through your hair. Make sure that you use a product that can add some slip to your hair and help you to detangle without ripping or breaking any of your hair strands. Try our Frizz Away Hair Shine Drops to detangle your hair. This product will also help to seal the outside layer of your hair cuticle freeing your hair from frizz.

Half-Up Half-Down: For someone with thick hair, there are so many versatile hairstyles that you can try. We've found that some of the best hairstyles for your hair if it's thick, are half-up half-down styles. People with thick hair have lots of hair so putting some of it up may help save time in your morning routine.

We hope that after reading our post you are able to tame the beast that is your mane. Let us know if any of our tips helped you or if you have any more tips for us. We need to help everyone with thick hair tame that voluminous mane!

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