Time Machine with Rejuvenol

Each one has its pros and cons, go to a future where everything is uncertain and you can both be surprised and feel lost or perhaps visit a past where with the accumulated wisdom of life experience you could rebuild a new future.

If I were to travel to the future, it would basically be to see what I have already done because I cannot change what has already happened, so I will rather venture into the recent past to take advantage of all my life experiences.

Let's say that in this time travel doesn't apply the rule that forbids talking to your past self, in fact, it was built just for that purpose, you have one hour to advise yourself about the things you could do better to live a better future. Condition, the most you can go back in time is 10 years.

  1. Don't believe all the good and bad things they say about you.
  2. Read more and don't watch so much TV, this will keep your mind open.
  3. Having the latest cell phone is not relevant or necessary, invest better in other experiences.
  4. Travel at least once a year, get to know new places.
  5. Give yourself the opportunity to try new flavors constantly.
  6. Practice a sport frequently.
  7. Force yourself to save 10% of what you earn.
  8. I'm not going to tell you to whom, but before saying yes, think about it several times, you will save yourself a couple of bad relationships.
  9. Learn to enjoy time with yourself, you never know when a pandemic might hit and send you home.
  10. Look for a brand called Rejuvenol and buy it now, you see the beautiful hair we have, a year ago I started using their products and it is simply the best thing that could have happened to us.

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The experience of talking to myself was being something incredible, but my time was running out in the past and it was time to return to the present, I was anxious to know how much of what I had talked to myself had generated any effect.

  1. I felt more confident with what others thought of me.
  2. I had a huge library at home and a head full of new knowledge.
  3. A call came in and I saw that I had a cell phone that was doing its job.
  4. I saw in my gallery, that I had known several places in the last few years.
  5. My gastronomic taste had increased, I have several photos in Ig eating everywhere.
  6. My body feels like it did 10 years ago, I'm sure it must be that I'm doing good cardio.
  7. I checked the account just in case and saw a balance that I'm happy with, I've done everything and I'm satisfied with what I have in the bank.
  8. I have an engagement ring on my finger and the house full of pictures with my future life partner, I'm kind of late, but I chose well, we'll see.
  9. Looks like I was well prepared for the 2020 pandemic because I even wrote a book to help others.
  10. I couldn't resist, I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I saw that my hair was beautiful, with shine and movement, when I looked around I saw the bottles of Rejuvenol and at that moment a smile was drawn on my face knowing that all my advice was listened to by my past self.

Now I ask you, if you had the opportunity to tell 10 things to your self of ten years ago, what advice would you give yourself, of course we know that 10 would be the same, so tell us what other 9 things would come to your mind.

Anahi L.M.

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