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Everyone's had a time in their life when they contemplate growing their hair out as long as they can, but don't think about what process they must go through daily to care for their long tresses. One of the biggest problems that people with long hair face is constant tangling. Tangled hair is never fun, and without proper care and patience you can actually end up ripping out a ton of your hair. Some days you might even end up contemplating this.

Today we are here with a list of things that you can do to keep your long tresses tangle free and silky soft!

1. Started From The Bottom- When you are detangling your hair, you should never start from the top. If you start from the top your risk making the knots and tangles harder meaning that they will probably need to be cut out of your hair.

2. Protein Treatment- Although there's no actual cure for split ends beside a fresh cut, using products that contain Keratin can actually help close your hair cuticle and make it less prone to tangling. 

3. Finger Comb First- As we said in our first tip, you risk making the tangles and the knots much tighter when using a brush or comb from the top of your hair. We suggest that you finger comb through your hair first before you even think of taking a brush or comb to your locks. By finger combing, you are able to loosen up any knots or tangles so that it will be a breeze when combing or brushing them out, and best of all, you won't have to cut the knots out.

4. Water & Conditioner- If your knots and tangles are a little tougher and aren't coming out, it might be best to add some water and leave in conditioner in your hair. The combination of these two makes your hair more slippery and able to easily slide past each other which will, in turn, make it much easier for you to detangle your hair.

5. Seal With Oil- After showering, we recommend that you seal the ends of your hair with a nourishing hair oil. As you know, the ends of your hair are the oldest and are more prone to having an open cuticle leaving the hair follicles dry and prone to damage. When hair follicles are dry and damaged it is much easier for them to tangle with other dry and damaged hair follicles causing knots in your hair. It is best practice to seal the ends of your hair with a hair oil to keep your hair nourished and full of life.

6. Hair Masks Weekly- This is one of our most repeated tips, and we really mean it. Make sure to do a hair mask at least once weekly. Hair masks add nutrients and moisture back to hair that they would not otherwise have. Not to mention, after a hair mask is the best time to finger comb and detangle your locks.

7. Use a Detangler- They're called detanglers for a reason! These types of products and specially formulated to clear your hair of any tangles or knots. They are often very similar to a leave-in conditioner and help to close the cuticle of the hair making it easier to detangle and unknot your hair. Try out our Argania Styling Cream as a detangler.

8. Shampoo The Scalp Only- When you are shampooing, only focus on the points that are very oily, the scalp. When you wash your long hair if you put it all on top of your head to wash it all it ends up getting all knotted and tangled as you lather it around on top of your head. Doing this only makes your detangling process that much longer, so only shampoo your scalp and condition your ends, and don't forget to seal your ends with oil!

9. Brush Before Showering- If you brush before you go in the shower to clear your hair of any knots or tangles, you will come out with much less, if any at all. It is best practice to never brush or comb your wet hair with tools as they will damage your hair so try to brush or comb beforehand and finger comb your hair after your shower is over.

10. Use a Satin Bonnet- Satin is better than cotton when it comes to hair care. In the Autumn and the Winter the wind usually kicks up, so to protect your hair from getting tangled in the windy weather, you should wear a satin hair bonnet. It is also a great idea to wear a satin hair bonnet at night to keep the moisture in your hair and to keep it from getting knotted and tangled while you move in your sleep.


11. Safety Pins- If you have a really tricky knot or tangle in your hair, using the pin end of a safety pin can help to unknot a super tight knot. Detangle with care though, you don't want to rip your hair follicles and damage your hair even more.

12. Take Care In The Winter- Winter air is dry, and the weather is windy so it is best to take extra care in the Winter months. Because of this type of weather, your hair may lose a lot of moisture making it very easy to tangle and knot. Inside, most people usually have their heat blasting which can also severely dry out your hair follicles. Make sure that you keep your hair nourished and moisturized in these months to keep it from tangling and drying out.

Now remember, take extra care when detangling your hair because before you know it you might not have any hair left. Hopefully these twelve tips gave you some ideas as to a better way to detangle and unknot your hair. Leave a comment below with any other things you do to detangle or any suggestions for future blog posts!

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