Summer vacations are around the corner and your hair knows it.

With your group of friends, there must already be more than one plan and while you define where you will go, we want to help you so that your hair has as good a time as your skin; Your hair is an accessory that you must take care of, because the direct sun, salt water and sand affect it hurting it.

Let's do an activity: go to the mirror, do you see that color or that keratin treatment you paid so much for at the salon? If you don't take care of them you might as well say goodbye.

Direct sun and salt water, open the cuticle of the hair strand, this time you are not going to deposit pigment or cosmetic keratin, so, with the door open, all the artificial molecules start to come out, in conclusion, your color oxidizes quickly and the smooth effect of your keratin is gone.

But don't worry, don't cancel your vacation because of this!

If you want to exercise, swim, sunbathe and enjoy every day of the summer, with the confidence of knowing that your hair will be protected, then you've come to the right place, we have the perfect solution for you.

Include this kit to your trip to protect your hair.

According to the needs of your scalp and your frequency of washing, (find the perfect shampoo for you) when visiting the sea we need to remove very well the impurities that accumulate on our scalp.

You must choose it according to the need of your hair fiber (our conditioners for you) and even if you don't like to use them normally, when you go to the beach they are necessary, because even the water from the shower will go against your hair.

You have a favorite, you chose it for something special, you know that it can moisturize, nourish or repair depending on the state of your hair, (see our masks) Remember that when you go to the sea every day is a ritual.

If you go on a party and want to wear your hair straight and frizz free or natural, beautiful and defined curls, it is best to protect your hair from the night breeze (know your best allies) and avoid tangles, we know that even on vacation you want to be always beautiful.

At Rejuvenol we take your vacation seriously, if you are ready to put together your kit, write to us and we will gladly help you choose the ideal products according to your hair needs.

Wherever you go, we are with you, happy vacations!

By Anahí L.M.

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