Lock In Showstopping Color & Reduce Frizz in 30 Minutes or Less

Do you dream of having vibrant frizz-free hair for up to thirty days? Then boy do I have the product for you. I'm talking about the Rejuvenol Extreme BlowOut Spray! In as little as 30 minutes you can have frizz free vibrant hair. 

Rejuvenol Extreme BlowOut Spray:

-Extends the longevity of hair color
-Gives you more vibrant hair color
-Reduces frizz
-Increases strength and shine

How It Works

Extreme BlowOut contains a blend of silicones, that provide a physical barrier to each hair strand keeping humidity away and color locked in. At the same time, Keratin and a unique vegetable protein have proven to increase the strength of the hair up to THREE TIMES making it less prone to breakage.

Enhancing Shine, Vibrancy, and Softness

Shine is an important factor in hair color, in many cases, consumers use hair color to give life to what they consider to be dull hair. Consumers seek hair colorants that will not only liven up their hair and but improve the shine of their hair. Extreme BlowOut delivers essential shine improvement to any hair.

Vibrancy is defined in hair care as having vivid, striking color, which is why the word vibrant is often used to describe hair color. Like shine, vibrancy is difficult to measure on the hair but with Extreme BlowOut you will need no special instrument to measure the visual effect in vibrancy. You might even catch some eyes staring because of how vibrant your hair is. Or even better, people shielding their eyes because of how bright your hair is!

Everyone loves our Extreme BlowOut Spray and you will too! Here are some of our favorite results from the use of the spray.

A great big thank you to @hair.by.ashmichelle, @positivecreationzz, and @stefania_ny_hair for these fantastic photos using our Extreme BlowOut Spray. Make sure to tag us in your photos when you use our products we would love to see your #RejuvenolResults.

If you're interested in purchasing our Extreme BlowOut Spray for yourself shoot me an email at vmattei@rejuvenol.com!

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