What's the best way to protect your hair?

In our daily life we love to try different styles on our hair, the flat iron or the curling iron are infallible elements at home, and from a very young age we want to change our hairstyle, modifying its shape completely from wavy to straight or the other way around...

...What we never keep in mind is the protection of the hair to all these changes that generate damage and in most cases is irreversible.

There are different types of damage that can be caused to the hair fiber, from loss of natural moisture that results in dull and frizzy hair, to loss of natural keratin that causes brittle hair and split ends.

Therefore, there are different types of hair protection you can try using a portable treatment to maintain natural moisture and keep your style straight or wavy. But if you are talking about using heat tools there is an exclusive product that you should use to avoid irreversible damage such as loss of natural protein due to high temperatures.

Yes!, we are talking about the thermo protector, a product of great importance at the time of any type of hairstyle, it guarantees complete hydration while preserving the internal structure of the hair fiber, being our shield against damage.

That's why we recommend Gycoliss Xtending Spray:

Our Rejuvenol protector, which is light and strengthening, enriched with keravis, a vegetable protein that protects and gives hair up to 3 times more resistance to tension and heat, making it less vulnerable to breakage.

Some other benefits are:

• Helps maintain natural moisture.
• Provides softness to hair, prevents split ends and adds shine.
• Minimizes frizz.
• Generates a protective barrier that helps care for cosmetic color.
• It doesn't generate residues on the scalp and is non-greasy.

You can use it on both wet and dry hair, although we always recommend applying it wet so that the hair can absorb all the nutrients that will strengthen the hair.

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