How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

No matter who you are, whether you have fine hair or thick hair, everyone can appreciate a good curl. The only problem is, if your hair isn't naturally curly, it is nearly impossible to make your curls last without A MILLION POUNDS of hairspray. Well, fear no more, curls are more art than science and I am here today to instruct you on how to make your curls last much, much longer, starting from the beginning.

Like any good thing, we must start from square one, the beginning, the start, and in this scenario it's in the shower.

1. Skip The Conditioner

If you have naturally pin straight hair, this tip is especially useful to you. With straight hair, when you curl it, if it is too slippery or soft the curl will easily fall out. This is where the problem of conditioner comes in. When you condition your hair it makes your hair extra slippery which will, in turn, make your curls fall out much faster. If you have pin straight hair, your hair needs tons of texture to be able to hold your curls. So when washing your hair before curling, skip the conditioner.

2. Skip The Wash

Although above we said to skip the conditioner when you wash, it is actually best to not wash your hair at all before curling it. The best hair to start off with before curling is second or third-day hair. It may sound kind of gross, but the hair with natural oils and a little bit of dirt will naturally hold curls better, potentially even without any styling products. If you are someone who gets oily hair really quickly, we recommend using a dry shampoo or an unscented baby powder to not only absorb excess oil but to actually add some texture to your hair to make your curls last longer.

3. Prep Before The Curl

As we've said time and time again, the texture is what helps your curl to hold much longer. Before beginning to curl your hair, apply a thickening product that will help add some texture to your hair. We recommend applying some of our Hair Thickener to your hair before you curl it. Not only will it help add some thickness to your hair, but since it is heat activated, this will actually help your hair to stay curled for much longer. You may also want to add some heat protectant with the Hair Thickener to help protect your hair even further from heat damage.

4. The Process

While curling your hair, it will help if during and after you apply some hairspray to your curls as they are cooling down. This will help to hold your curls in longer, but make sure to use a nice mist on your hair, not applying too much, and not getting too close to your hair while spraying. Spray a light mist onto your hair and wait a few moments for it to dry. Always work in smaller sections, as this focuses more heat on the strands to keep them curled. Large amounts of hair curled will fall out much faster than smaller sections of curled hair. When picking a tool to use, make sure to splurge a little and get a high-quality curling iron or curling wand. If you use cheap drugstore brand curling irons, not only will you do more damage to your hair, but your curls will fall out in less than twenty minutes! Higher quality curling irons and wants are usually coated in ceramic or tourmaline which is less damaging to your hair than just plain metal and heat. When curling your hair, the optimal temperature is around 300 degrees Fahrenhyour curls to last much longer. After removing the curl from the curling barrel, clip the curled section with an alligator clip to allow it to cool down for 5-15 minutes. This will help to let your curls last longer throughout the day. After taking the clips out leave your curls a little tighter than you'd like them to be because no matter what you do, they will always fall out a little.

5. Setting

Finish your styling with a good setting spray. This helps to keep your curls looking gorgeous all day long. Finish off the look with a light mist of hairspray or a curl setting spray. It may also work well to finish with some texturizing spray. In a pinch? You can use some baby powder to add some texture to your tresses to make your curls last longer.

6. Heatless Curls

Want some waves without the heat? Braid wet hair and wrap it in a t-shirt overnight, take up and take the braid out to reveal some beachy and wavy curls. It may be best to apply some of our Argania Styling Cream before braiding as this will enhance your waves and help them to last longer.

7. Nothing Works?

If nothing is helping your hair to curl, especially any of these tips, this is a sign from your hair that it is screaming and needs you to get a healthy cut to trim off any split ends or super damaged hair. Damaged hair and hair with lots of split ends will never curl well and will especially not hold a curl. Go to your stylist, and get a nice trim to reveal healthier hair.

Hopefully, these tips help to keep your curls from falling out, and you can keep your curls you spent hours on lasting all day! Do you have any other tips to keep your curls longer? We may have missed something so comment what you suggest below! 

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