Straightened hair? This is the best way to take care

Hair is difficult to manage and style, either wavy, curly, or straight with too much frizz, is time-consuming to obtain a nice, smooth, soft, and long-lasting finish; this is why straightening treatments have become the ideal solution to manage the hair giving it a smooth, frizz free and especially all healthy looking effect. It is enough to look at the offers of beauty salons to find a world of new techniques that promise easy handling and discipline any rebel hair.

Even though straightening processes provide many obvious benefits, such as intensifying shine, softness, reducing frizz, and making hair easier to manage and style, these results are because each hair is covered with a layer that isolates humidity, avoiding the presence of frizz and aging due to the aggressions generated by the environment. This sealing also prevents the hair from absorbing the oil that is naturally produced in the skin and therefore gives us the perception that it gets dirty more often.

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For this reason, a straightening treatment can change your need for washing to become more frequent, for this, the ideal is to use a gentle cleansing product, to not alter the health of your scalp and to remove the residues of grease while being friendly to the hair strand, avoiding its dehydration.

A good care routine is essential, to intensify hydration and protection, you should be focused on 3 main objectives, to ensure healthy straight hair.

  1. The use of conditioner should be irreplaceable after each wash, as it is necessary to generate a balance of the moisturizing and static of the hair after the cleaning process, thus generating a smoother and shinier finish.
  1. Intensive treatments or masks play an outstanding role in the health of your hair as they will replace lipids and nutrients maintaining a stability in the structure of your hair, remember that as they have a more powerful effect, they should be used once a week.
  1. Keep in mind that your hair is organic matter that can present changes depending on the environment that it is exposed, for this reason, you must always moisturize and protect it from free radicals and the sun, for this, portable products (that do not require rinsing) such as serums or light creams, are an excellent choice to prevent damage and premature aging of your hair, so your straight hair will always look shiny, soft, beautiful and durable over time.

Remember that straightening treatments should always be performed by a professional, who will determine which straightening product (control treatments, progressive straightening, amino acids, among others) is best suited to the needs of your hair.

It is easy to have your healthy straight hair, with a proper, simple, and personalized home care routine. The professional product lines offer high technology and exceptional materials so you always have the healthy and dreamed straight hair you have been looking for.

If you want to get the optimal results from your keratin treatment, following these steps can help you make it last as long as possible.

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