The history of my hair and halloween

...without knowing how or when exactly I became a fan of costumes, waiting for the week of October 31 every year and planning for weeks the costume with which I would surprise my friends that year.

I don't know why as we grow up we distance ourselves from this fantasy world, people tend to think that dressing up is just a kid thing and that it denotes a certain degree of immaturity, fortunately, this is not my case because I am connected with my friends from school and with my friends from college, and between them I manage to enjoy at least 3 or 4 costume parties every year.

But I'm sure there's someone who doesn't enjoy my annual hobby very much, that's my beloved hair, hahaha poor, if It could talk It would scream with every crazy thing I can think of, I've done it up in Starwars style hairstyles, bleached it like Harley Queen and even saturated it with gel to be a punk star and everything else you can imagine.

I thank my parents for giving me a hair so resistant to abuse, but I must admit that until I became aware of the damage I was doing to my hair with so many chemical products, I didn't start to protect it properly so that the consequences of a week of joy wouldn't be noticed over time.

First, because I want to invite you to let out your inner child, rebel or princess to enjoy a special date in which we can personify and interpret a different role than what we do every day, if you do it from your essence I assure you that you will keep many joys and will want to repeat it again next year.

Secondly, do a pre-treatment on your hair, at home or at the salon to give the strand resistance for everything you want to do with your hair, ahh and after the party is over, make another appointment at the salon or take the space at home, to give your hair a break with a good hydration recharge.

Before Rituals:
1.If you want to create a voluminous hairstyle, we recommend using a product that gives you texture like Foam from Curl Up.

2.To complement that Morticia Addams costume, you need your hair very straight and controlled so we recommend using Styling Milk which provides frizz control and a tensor effect thanks to potato starch.

3.To give shape and extra hold to your hairstyle we recommend Invigorating Wax that doesn't weigh hair down and is easy to remove from the hair.

After Rituals :
1.After using color hair sprays to get those fantasy tones, wash your hair very well with an intermediate cleansing shampoo and moisturize it with Argania Mask.

2. If you used heat tools to maintain your perfect style, give it a hydro nourishing power with Color Care Mask.

3.And to give it hydration and shine we recommend a few drops of Argania Serum that will also help you to recover your ends after the hairstyles and the mermaid waves you did.

I say goodbye to all of you, but not before wishing you a spooky Halloween and happy holidays.

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