Follow these tips to take care of your bleached or colored hair!

However, during chemical processes, the structure of your hair is altered, causing you to take care of it and keeping it healthy becomes a priority.

If you notice that your hair is becoming more fragile, less manageable, more easily tangled and less shiny, DO NOT PANIC!

The product you use to wash your colored or bleached hair should contain a formula designed to care for processed and weakened hair.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner with compounds that help prevent color oxidation, provide more nourishment to the hair and restore its strength.

Regular use will give your hair a healthy appearance, improving manageability, our Rejuveplex line is specially designed for these cases. Learn more here

Color-treated or bleached hair loses structure and material in the chemical process, that's why it feels more tangled and elastic when wet.

It is important to apply some technique when detangling or combing.

Before washing: While it is dry comb it with a short bristle brush and separate type "Vent Brush" remember that dry hair is stronger, so you prepare it to receive the wash.

After washing: remove excess moisture with a cotton towel, apply a leave in product or styling cream and start untangling from the tip to the root.

Masks will be your best ally since they help to balance the effect caused by chemical processes, you should keep in mind that there are lighter masks ideal for thin, fine hair or with minor processes and other masks are denser, suitable for thicker hair or with greater process.

You can also find masks with pigments to revive the color of your hair and at the same time deeply moisturize, such as our Color Care Violet or Blonde Mask.
Using them frequently and according to your hair's needs will give you soft, manageable and resistant hair.

If you want to know which mask to use according to the needs of your hair leave us now a comment.

If you expose your hair to the sun as part of your daily routine or on vacation, your hair can suffer from loss of color, aging and dehydration due to the effects of the sun's radiation.

It is essential to use leave-in products on the hair fiber to protect colored or bleached hair, creating an outer layer that blocks damage from the sun, chlorine or sea salt.

Depending on the texture or thickness of your hair you can choose products in cream for thicker hair or spray for fine hair and remember that the Serum goes very well for all hair types.

The use of a hat or cap will be a perfect ally to enjoy the sunny days with radiant and rejuvenated hair.

If changes of look are your thing, it is important to keep in mind that direct heat can cause a lot of damage if used frequently and even worse without protection, such as extreme dryness, wear of the hair fiber, decreased resistance among others.

Remember that thermal protection products increase the resistance of the hair to heat and traction that we generate at the time of styling.

You can find them in liquid, creamy or serum form, based on proteins, botanical complexes or oil extracts. Depending on the needs of your colored or bleached hair, you can choose the most suitable one.

Using them frequently and according to your hair's needs will give you soft, manageable and resistant hair.

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