Don't leave for tomorrow the ritual you can do today.

It's no cliché, most of us women love to spoil ourselves and although it's better to be treated at the salon, many times we don't have the time or the money to go as often as we would like.

We live on the edge! We are mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, workers, gladiators and super heroines so when we think of rituals, we see it as something sporadic, because we see it as something that requires a lot of time.

Today I want to share with you 8 different rituals to do at home that you can implement depending on what you are going to do in the day or night. 

1. Apply during the day to attract attention or at night to be a sensation:

•Mix Curling Balm with a few drops of Argania Serum, apply, shape and enjoy the natural movement.




 2.Extreme level hydration ritual for dry hair, to do anytime at home, while surfing the internet, watching Netflix or making lunch:  

•Mix Argania Mask with a few drops of Serum, apply to hair and leave on for 20 minutes, as long as the episode lasts or as long as it takes you to get out of the kitchen, then wash and feel life come back to your hair.

3. without fear of what might happen to your hair while biking, swimming, walking in the mountains or jogging on the beach:

•Before you start mix Styling Milk with a few drops of Serum, apply to your hair to create a protective film and now go hard on that workout you love so much.



4. if it happens to you that you go to bed with a docile hair and you wake up with an untamed hair, relax is super normal, if you want a day without tangles in your hair you just have to 

•Mix Hair Therapy with a few drops of Serum, apply in the hair and start sliding the comb, you will laugh at how easy it is to say goodbye to the tangles on your head, at least to the ones you have in your hair.

5. when you get a color process the most normal thing is that you want it to last in your hair, do this trick once a week and the color of your hair will keep bright and will go slower; While you are at home, thinking about how good your color looks, mix Color Care Mask with a few drops of Serum, let it act for 20 minutes and ready, enjoy a soft hair with a bright color.


 6. Do not take it wrong, but there are some hair that after so much bleaching need to be returned from beyond, if that is your case, you can relax, because now there is hope to give life to that hair you love so much to look platinum blonde, mix Rejuveplex Mask with a few drops of Serum, apply on your hair, leave on for 30 minutes, then remove and feel how gradually returns the resistance and strength to each hair strand.

Pd. Keep in mind that it is a process and needs a couple of sessions to see strong results.

7. if you have a special date and want to look a unique blow dry, just combine Styling Cream with a few drops of Serum, apply on the hair, blow it out and let your hair conquer the world.

- Ritual of relaxed nights, finally we leave behind all the roles of the day, now is the time for us, your hands, your feet and your body will scream with excitement when they feel your hands run with the combination of Argania Body Milk and a few drops of Serum, can you imagine your skin soft, hydrated and feeling happy.

 Why would you leave for tomorrow the ritual you can do today?

Think about it, as you can see we can always find the time to pamper ourselves and feel good, renewing our energy for a new day.

Anahi L. M.

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