Blonde forever

It all started when I was a little girl, I played with my dolls and with some of the Disney princesses, at that time I didn't know it, but I was creating in my mind a whole attraction for such a magnificent color, when I grew up a little more, I noticed that my mom's friends who wore blonde tones looked more radiant, later I understood that they even looked younger, then in college it was a fashion trend, although if you think about it, it has never gone out of fashion.

Anyway, I think that in many ways the blonde color has been present in my life and maybe you are thinking, "surely you also had dolls with black or brown hair and not all princesses are blonde, besides some of your mom's friends must have looked good with a different tone", to which I will say, yes you are right, but it is not my fault, if I was born with brown hair, but with the conviction of seeing myself blonde in the mirror.

If like me you feel that this is definitely the shade for you, stay here because I'm going to tell you three sacred things I've discovered on the long road to blondness, which you may already know, but it never hurts to remind you of them.

1. The stylist matters, there are multiple shades of blonde and not all go with your skintone or lifestyle, that's why a good advice is important to start, then within the world of blondes there are several techniques to carry the tone in your hair and not all stylists are updated in these color techniques, so you must choose well the person to whom you will confide your precious blonde.

2. The reason is simple, the ideal blonde will be given to you by a well prepared stylist who surely works with good quality products, if you are already blonde you know that touch ups are an important part to maintain that tone that we like so much and if you combine all this, it is logical that you have to set aside a good budget for our beloved color.

3. The dark side of being blonde is the damage to the hair, the constant chemical processes, weaken and deteriorate the hair strand in a way that we can not imagine, so it is important to use products at home that are of quality and specialized in the care of both our hair strand and the blonde tone we wear, this is important so that the price of wearing beautiful hair, is not to end up losing it.

Dear blonde friends, in summary: choose a good stylist, set aside a budget and use a good hair care line, if you don't have a favorite I recommend mine blonde toning by Rejuvenol, I love it!!

The first time I had a blonde tone was 20 years ago, since then I have worn it in different styles and tones, now at 35 years old I feel it as part of my life, I don't know if I will be blonde forever, what I know is that once you are blonde, you want it to last forever.

Tell us in the comments, the story of how you fell in love with blonde hair.

Anahi L.M.

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