A letter to my hair

I honestly don't remember at what moment this idyll began, when I look at photos I see that you have practically always been in my life, although I must admit that in the early years I was a little detached from our relationship, if it wasn't for my mother who was attentive that you were well, maybe I would have even lost you.

In fact this reminds me of that old saying: "Nobody knows what they have until they lose it" fortunately I didn't have to lose you to realize how important you were in my life, come to think of it you have been in all the important moments, together we were princesses in a Halloween, I remember I hurt you burning you with the sirius in my first communion, you helped me conquer my first love and you stepped aside just so I could kiss him, what a mess we got into with that sweet 16's hairstyle and not to mention how much fun we had at the clubbing nights at the college, even though I didn't like it that you were so stale with your cigarette.

I don't know what I could call our relationship, nowadays I don't accept that anyone speaks ill of you and woe to anyone who dares to hurt you in any way, you are a priceless treasure in my life, I only hope that for many more years, hopefully forever, we can continue to enjoy life as we have been doing so far.

On this day of love and friendship, I am going to have an elastic ring made to unite us, with a legend that says: "You and me forever" to show the world how flexible we are in our relationship.

I don't know if other women can get to have a relationship like ours, although I would bet that all in one way or another we have a similar relationship, (that if some are even half insane hehehehe) I feel happy and proud of all that we have lived, I say goodbye saying thank you beloved hair I love you.

Anahí L. M.

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