7 Tips For Growing Your Hair Past Its Awkward Phase

If you're trying to grow your hair out, no matter your gender you understand the struggle of trying to get past that awkward length. We all know the length, too short to put up and too long to leave down so you kind of just, leave it. or else you'll look like this.

Although we all love a Shih Tzu pup, none of us really want to have our hair looking like the top of a carrot sticking out of our head. So today we have 7 tips to help get your hair past its awkward phase.

For those of you that don't know, the average human hair grows about 1/2 an inch every month, that's 0.02 inches a day on average. And after your bob haircut get's to a certain length waiting for your hair to grow can kind of be like waiting for grass to grow.

Well maybe that grass grows a little bit faster than our hair grows but you get the point. So here are your tips, let us begin:

1. Avoid Styling With Heat

Although this is something we all know, that styling your hair with heat damages it, something we may not know is that using excessive heat daily can actually stunt its growth and slow down the average growth. Make sure to give your hair the good ol' air dry, but if you must use heat styling products do not exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to also use a heat protectant whenever styling your hair with high heat.

2. Finish With A Cold Rinse

I know you love a steaming hot shower, yes I'm talking to you. But as I've stated in past blog posts, showering with high heat opens up your hair follicle and can leave it available for much easier damage. A good way to end your shower is with a cold rinse, this shocks the hair cuticle and forces it to close. This may sound terrible, but your hair will thank you.

3. Silk Is Your Friend

Another tip that's making me sound like a broken record is to use a silk pillowcase or silk scarf. According to Jen Atkin, a professional hairstylist for many celebrities, the silk will help to keep the cuticle layer of your hair intact, which allows your hair to breathe through the night, which in turn leads to healthier longer hair in the future. So either invest in a silk pillowcase, or at least a silk scarf to wrap your head in. 

4. Don't Brush Too Much

Although we are the number one supporter of combing your hair and avoiding brushes at all costs but make sure that when you are brushing or combing your hair that you are careful. Doing so incorrectly can cause physical damage to your hair and keep it from growing as quickly. Start from the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up to your scalp. We recommend waiting until your hair is fully dry before taking a brush or comb to it.

5. Get Regular Cuts

You may be reading this tip and say to yourself, "But if you're cutting your hair more how is it growing longer!?" The truth is, if you don't get haircuts often enough you will have excessive split ends which slow down your hair growth since your hair is not healthy. The longer you wait, the higher your split end will travel, and the slower your hair will grow. Make sure to always cut off those split ends, your full and thicker looking hair will thank you.

6. Use Hair Masks Twice Weekly

Using hair masks twice weekly will help to moisturize, nourish, and strengthen your hair. Your hair will not only thank you, but it will grow much quicker. Make sure to use a hair mask that moisturizes deep into the shaft, like our Argania Hair Mask. This will give your hair an extra boost of natural proteins to increase its length just a little more quickly.

7. Fake It Till You Make It

If all else fails, and you want fuller looking hair right away, try to use a hair thickener. Using the Rejuvenol Hair Thickener will help to give your hair body, volume, and thickness. Rejuvenol's heat activation complex penetrates, expanding each individual hair shaft from within as it adds body, shine and thickness to the hair. Using this type of product will help to make your hair appear longer and fuller as it is adding body and thickness to your hair.

Getting through the awkward phase can be hard, but follow these tips and before you know it your hair will be a beautiful length that you will be more than thankful for. 


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