10 frequently asked questions about keratin treatment and care.

1. Can I do the keratin treatment at home?

    We do not recommend it, it is a chemical process that requires a special technique by the professional to optimize the results, talk to your trusted stylist about the process.

    2. Can the treatment be done on hair without previous chemical processes?

    Of course, what may vary is the duration of the treatment depending on the type of progressive keratin that is performed.

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    3. What can I expect from the process on my hair?

    The results vary depending on the previous condition of the hair and the treatment performed, but in general you can expect:

    - Straight effect

    - Frizz control and hydration

    - Hair recovery

    4. If I dye my hair, when is the ideal time to do it?

    Depending on the keratin treatment to be performe

    d according to the diagnosis of your professional, it can be the same day, but it is recommended to wait at least 15 days before or after to make a color change.

    5. How long will the treatment last on my hair?

    In general keratin processes last between 2 to 5 months depending on the type of hair, the treatment performed and the aftercare, we emphasize this last point because it is essential to extend the duration of the treatment.

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    6. If I notice root growth, is it necessary to do it again on all the hair or should I do the touch-up?

    It is not necessary to do it on all the hair, we only work on the roots and for the rest of the hair we recommend keratin baths, always in the hands of your trusted stylist.

    7. Can I do the treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

    Definitely not, it is a chemical process and although there are no conclusive studies, our suggestion is to give priority to the health of the baby in the belly or during breastfeeding.

    8. Can I go to the pool or the sea after my treatment?

    Absolutely, you must wait a prudent time for the particles of the active compound to fix to your hair strand, which varies depending on the type of treatment, some take 3 days and others a little longer. Your stylist will surely help you with the aftercare according to the state of your hair and how soon you want to return to the pool or the sea.

    9. Can I exercise or do physical activity?

    Depending on the type of keratin treatment, physical activity can start the next day or 2 days later, we also recommend using a product that protects the hair from environmental aggressions such as Styling Milk.

    10. Can I have a keratin treatment if I have frizzy hair?

    Yes, you can, but you must be clear about your objective, because depending on the type of treatment you could have a 90% straight effect or only generate a decrease of frizz with deep hydration without damaging its shape.

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