What is argan oil and what is it used for?

Argan oil is produced from the seeds contained in the fruit of the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco, also known as liquid gold. it is often used to keep both skin and hair moisturized and soft thanks to a high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.


The texture is neither too dense nor too light, penetrates easily and is quickly absorbed. That is why its effects are powerful. This makes it a perfect ingredient for all hair types, leaving it soft, shiny and not oily at all.

Benefits Serum Argania

✔️Although it is a non-greasy oil, it absorbs quickly and is non-sticky.

✔️Nutrients and vitamins coat the cuticle, restoring life and a healthy look.

✔️Argan oil makes hair soft and shiny.

✔️Can help reduce split ends.

✔️Makes styling easier.

 For all hair types

✨ Natural or processed hair with dry ends

✨ Damaged 

✨ Porous and frizzy hair

✨ Colored or bleached hair

✨ With frequent use of heat tools.

✨ With frequent exposure to sun and sweat

Frequency of use

Products made with high argan oil content can be used frequently because they do not make the hair greasy.

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Perfect Combinations

Argania Serum is everyone's best friend, combine it and enjoy your ideal product with more moisture, shine and softness.

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