From our customers


I like to flat iron my hair. I always use thermo protector because it leaves a nicer finish, and to finish I apply Rejuvenol serum for a smoother, hydrated and shinier hair effect.

Valentina Thompson.
Tampa, FL

I loved the serum from the first time! Other oils left my hair greasy, and that's why I preferred not to use them, but the serum is not like that. It leaves my hair super nice, it moisturizes my ends, I really wouldn't change it for any other.

Kelly Brown.
Dallas Texas, TX

The Serum has been my salvation, because of the chlorine in the pool before I had my hair super dry but now I keep it super hydrated because I use it together with the Styling Milk to protect my hair from the damage of the pool.

Valentina Williams.
Chicaco, IL

I have been using Rejuvenol's Argania serum for 10 years, it has never changed its formula and always leaves my hair soft, shiny, with movement and helps me a lot with the ends.

Jamileth Cruz.
Phoenix, AZ

I started using the serum because of one of my best friends and it was the best choice, I apply a drop on my beard and hair and it leaves it super soft.

Kevin Miller.
Los Angeles, CA