For My Companion™ Full Pet Care Kit

For My Companion™ Full Pet Care Kit

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This is the whole For My Companion™ Line in a pet care kit! Perfect for any pet owner, new or old!

For My Companion™ Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo (8 oz)- A gentle shampoo to soothe and cleanse normal and sensitive skin. Contains a repellent to keep away fleas and ticks.

For My Companion™ Cream Rinse Oatmeal Conditioner (8 oz)- Formulated to restore luster, shine, smoothness and to improve manageability.

For My Companion™ Simple Cleansing Dry Shampoo (8 oz)- Cleanse and deodorizes pet coats without having to use water. (Non-Aerosol)

For My Companion™ Radiant Bright White Shampoo (8 oz)- Brightens all color coats especially white coats, adding shine and luster.

For My Companion™ Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz)- Leave-in conditioner that moisturizes skin and coat, leaving your pet smelling wonderful! (Non-Aerosol)

For My Companion™ Ear Cleanser (4oz)- Cleanses and soothes pet’s ears while keeping them smelling fresh.

REJUNENOL® has formulated a high-quality line of pet care products for people who want only the best for their special companions! Our pet line contains everything you need to maintain your pet’s coats from gentle soothing shampoos to a leave-in conditioner. When washing with water is not an option, our pet line offers also a unique dry shampoo (non-aerosol) that cleanses and deodorizes. We also have an ear cleanser that soothes pet’s ears while keeping them fresh smelling.

For My Companion™, says it all. Our pets are our best friends. They are there in good and bad times. They love us unconditionally. Their personalities are all so unique and that’s why we love our pets. Our pets are our faithful companions and they deserve the very best!